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What does it cost to wash a carpet?

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     The average cost to clean a carpet varies from town to town and is based mostly on the size of the room, location and accessibility of the property.  

     Untrained local handymen charge anything from around £10 onwards as the quality of the job they do will be very low and pretty much what you can acheive yourself with a vax or bissel.  A trained professional carpet cleaner will have a minimum price to cover the actual costs of doing business, usually from £40 – £80 depending on your locality. It’s a much higher charge in Manchester compared to getting a carpet cleaned in Dundee.

  The carpet cleaner man in Dundee and Angus has a minimum charge of £65 but at the same time they have an amazing discount on multiple room carpet cleaning where they charge just £45 per standard sized room.

         The one big factor you really need to take into consideration however, is that you will only get what you pay for. If you want to get your carpets cleaned and only want to pay the cheapest price possible then you’re going to be left a little dissapointed with the result or at best will accept a lower quality clean by convincing yourself that what was done is what all the other carpet cleaners would have done. The truth is so much different from that train of thought. A good carpet cleaner has put time into training, spent a lot of money on good equipment and has worked up a good reputation through hard work. They won’t charge a low rate as that devalues the work they do while somebody who charges £10 – £20 per room (which is really cheap), won’t really care what the final result will look like, as long as they get paid.  

   The cost of replacing a carpet after a bad result is a lot more than simply getting in somebody that is trained and specialises in carpet cleaning.  

 If you are in Dundee, Angus or southern Aberdeenshire then The carpet cleaner man is one of the top carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning specialists for that area and are the only ones that use a truck mounted system.  You can fill out our free quote request form and they will get in touch with you to get you booked in.


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  1. Fiona Fiona Smith

    Good morning.

    Just enquiring about upholstery cleaning. I have a 3 seater sofa & cuddler, which is light coloured and is only a year old but have a messy golden retriever and the sofas are looking grubby. I’m in Kirriemuir.
    Thank you.

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