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How do you clean carpets professionally?

There are many names for carpet cleaning, some call it steam cleaning while others call it carpet shampooing but how is it done? how do you clean carpets professionally compared to hiring a machine yourself?
  A professional carpet cleaner will always start by testing the fibre of your carpet because You can’t use high PH cleaners,(like the stuff high street shops sell) on wool or natural fibre carpets as it will damage them and there are many other fickle things that can ruin your carpet if you don’t know what to look out for. Fibre identification is important, as is the type of carpet backing. If your carpet has a jute backing then there’s the possibility of browning, that’s where the colour from the jute is pulled into the carpet by moisture or over wetting on the clean leaving brown stains.  Once we know what the carpet is made from, we have to check for any damages or faults to the carpet that could effect how we clean it. Is the carpet fixed to the floor correctly? if not then the carpet can potentially shrink, are there rips that might get pulled up and become trip hazzards. All these problems need found and sorted before any actual cleaning of the carpet can happen.
treating stains on a carpet   Once the inspection is over, its time to treat stains on the carpet . We find the small stains and get them treated as best as we can. Not all stains can be removed and a lot depends on how long they have been there and what you have already done to the stain on your carpet. Most customers throw everything under the sink at stains, which usually ends up making it worse or even untreatable. We do treat what we can and have a great success rate on stained carpets but removal is never guaranteed.
We have an emergency stain treatment guide available to download for those who just cannot wait on a professional carpet cleaner to arrive. you can grab it here.
So far we have identified what the carpet is made from, we have treated the small stains and now can proceed to the next stage of cleaning the carpet, which will be vacuuming. Did you know that up to 80% of the dirt in your carpet is dry dirt that can be vacuumed out? If the dry dirt is not removed, when water gets put into your carpet it will make the dirt turn to a sludge that won’t clean out that easy,imagine it like wet sand deep down in the carpet. Carpet cleaning professionals use powerful vacuums that are specifically designed for carpet cleaners.
  Once your carpets have been vacuumed we move onto the pre spray treatment. We spray a fibre specific cleaning solution onto your carpet and then agitate it deep into the pile using a rotary brush machine. The solution breaks down dirt,pulls it off the fibres and keeps it there until it’s rinsed out. It also has an amazing look on the carpet as we agitate it, you can clearly see the difference at this point and thats before steam cleaning. While agitating the solution into the carpet, the pile will also get lifted.
pre cleaning a carpet   It’s at this stage where we get the carpet cleaning machine ready. The one we have is built into the back of our van,has its own power supply, heats up the water and removes the dirty water from your home. We do not even need to use your electric at all. Other carpet cleaners have various portable carpet cleaning machines that have different levels of power and perfomance. We highly reccomend you check with whomever you book your carpet cleaning with for what machine they do use, as many are not really any use for proper deep cleaning. A machine that you can rent from a shop is not going to clean your carpet like a machine from a professional carpet cleaning company will.   It’s also worth noting that everything done up to this stage of the carpet clean is NOT DONE by most people who say they are carpet cleaners. Because there are no requirements to becoming a carpet cleaner, anyone can grab a machine and say they are professionals but only those who have done training and have invested in real equipment will do the full cleaning service properly. It’s always a surprise when new customers tell us “the last guy never did any of that stuff”. When we get our machine ready, we simply run some hoses from the van to your house, we carry 300 feet of hose so can reach every property easy enough. Our carpet cleaner is quite something to watch, the machine heats the water then sends it along the hoses at around 200psi. When it reaches the the end of the hose it will be directed into the carpet where the pressure will push it deep into the fibre so it captures all the dirt which will be imediately sucked up by the vacuum. Our vacuum has serious power and will suck almost all the water right out of your carpet leaving it barely damp at all. The carpet itself will be dry in just an hour or two (depending on conditions like heat,air movement etc).
   Having steam cleaned the carpets in your home and removed all dirt, while leaving no residue behind – We move onto the sanitising. We live in a time where virus’s are very much in the news and our minds so we now sanitise all carpets that we clean as part of our standard carpet cleaning service and don’t charge any extra for this. We like to feel that we are doing our part to make our customers feel secure in the knowledge that their homes are safe from any bacterial badness. Our staff spray an NHS approved sanitser onto your carpet and rake it in with our brush tools. This sanitiser will kill any bacteria that’s in your carpet and will continue to kill it for at least a week. This is another step that most other carpet cleaners don’t do, or at least charge extra for.

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